Heal Your Heart

Heal your Heart

“Create in me a clean heart; O God and renew a steadfast spirit within me.” – Psalms 51:10 (NKJV)

Healing in all aspects has become the greatest transformation in my life thus far. When you focus on healing your heart, you can then have a heart to help others through that same process. I have gone through so much in my life, that I am truly thankful that I don’t look like what I’ve been through. The reason why this healing process is so important is because it allows you to reflect and correct. Reflection allows us to identify the blind spot. It allows us to look back at the situation from the outside looking in and really see where we missed the mark. If you truly believe in healing your heart, you have to dig deep. This process is never easy, we don’t want to remember all the times we were hurt or all the mistakes we may have made, but it’s necessary. We can’t continue to think that, if we move on and start again, then the hurt will just go away. Don’t lie to yourself, don’t keep sweeping all your dirt under the rug. Allow yourself time to reset. Reset all those old habits, reset your mind, then you will truly be able to fix what was broken.

This is something I realized truly takes maturity. In this day and age of ultimate clap backs and extreme petty. Often times, it’s hard to take the high road and choose to change your way of thinking and character. The more I understand the lessons from each of my relationships, the more I am also able to understand the other person. When a relationship ends, the first thing we tend to do is bad mouth that person, let’s be honest. We can point out everything that person did wrong from the first date to the day it ended, but we are blind to seeing our own shortcomings. Now I’m not saying that we sit down and condemn ourselves about all the mistakes we made., but it’s important to admit that we are flawed ourselves. That is why I say it takes maturity, because we can argue all day another person’s issue, but where is that really going to get us?

When you want to see the results of truly being unbothered, ignore the drama and find your peace. This can only happen when we choose to be completely honest with ourselves. We reflect and we correct the things we are able to change. No one is perfect, but we can all work towards progress in some area of our lives. So, I encourage you to reflect and correct. Do the work, so you don’t have to continue to repeat the test. I challenge you all to take those steps, talk about those difficult things instead of sweeping them under the rug. Gather those thoughts up and take out that trash. Reset and receive the peace that you deserve. True joy that cannot be falsified. Blessings.

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