Healing is defined as: the process of becoming sound or healthy again.

Again signifies that at some point in time you once were healthy.

Many of us equate healing with time. We think that if enough time has passed and the “thing” that caused us pain is no longer at the forefront of our thoughts, we’re good aka healed.

Although time plays a part in the healing process, learning plays a bigger part.

Knowledge requires reflection, recognition of toxic behaviors and patterns; coming to terms with ones pain and understanding that there’s a better way…. That what we’re doing is causing our own angst. That although we desire happiness, because we think and operate from a place of negativity or lack, we’ll continue to get the same results. We’re getting the same results because we’re repeating the same patterns of behavior.

We have to seek out new ways that disrupt old processes.

Some of us would have to go back to the very beginning because we’ve built our entire lives in toxicity. It’s so familiar that it’s normal and comfortable. Most folks around us are partaking or excusing it.

 But it hurts. There’s no real joy in a toxic life. It requires keeping busy because otherwise we’d have to answer those feelings of hurt, loneliness and misery. We look to temporary gratification and happiness because a piece is better than nothing at all… But if a piece exists, what makes us think we aren’t entitled to happiness permanently?

There’s nothing to look forward to when you live like this. It ages you. It repels positive people which is why only others in that negative space are drawn to you; which is why the cycle repeats. We conclude that everyone must be the same because we keep having similar experiences.

That’s why hurt people hurt people.

Deciding to change is brave.

It takes will and determination to rise above what you’ve known in search of something greater.

It takes faith. It takes work. It hurts. Would you rather hurt for a little while in the healing process or continue the familiar ache that consistently exists inside of you?

We cannot find healing in the things that cause us pain and yet we continually hope for that very conclusion.

Our children, nieces, nephews, neighbors, students and all other young people are watching us. Are we going to teach them our toxic ways and hope that they one day break the cycle or are we going to be the examples in our families and communities?

We want better for generations to come.

It starts with us.

It’s never too late to do something different.

Value yourself. Speak good things to yourself until you believe them. Respect yourself. Pour positive messages into all areas of your life. Set boundaries, implement them.

Seek new knowledge and your vibe will level up. You’ll actually feel a different vibration. You’ll attract better.

Folks you don’t even know will start to bless you💯

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