Healing a Broken Heart

Three key points to help you move on after a broken heart
Sharing my story and speaking with other women has helped me understand a lot of us struggle with moving on. For some reason it’s this roadblock we hit where we began to second guess the choices we’ve made. So for that reason, I decided to go into detail ways to process and heal. Here are just a few of the main points I believe are important.
Please allow yourself to feel the pain. I know it may hurt and you want to move away from that feeling as soon as possible, but that’s not the answer. Numbing your pain will only cause it to resurface in other ways that are unhealthy. For example, over eating, partying every weekend, random hookups, and relationships you jumped into waaay to early. So just accept that your hurting and give yourself that time to let it out in a healthy way. Some examples would be; cry, journal, reflect and spend some time alone, and most importantly pray. Trust me, I figured this out by trial and error so everything I’m writing about has been a personal experience or shared experience by my friends or clients.
Once you feel the pain, do not stay in that space with negative self talk. Remind yourself that you are still worthy. Worthy of love, happiness and proper protection of your heart. Do not allow this one experience to make you feel less than. Come to the realization that it happened and you now have to make better choices moving forward. Its not the end, it’s only the beginning of a painful yet beautiful journey to pick up the pieces and find your way. They say that time will heal all wounds, but it’s time and work that will allow you to experience the breakthrough that you’re looking for. If you do not do the work, time will continue to pass by as you continue to stay were you are. You have to speak life into your situation. You have to picture the breakthrough, picture the joy and whatever else you believe is possible. It can happen for you, because what is for you, is for you. 
The last thing I will say is to take accountability. We all have made mistakes in life, but those mistakes do not define who we are. When you take accountability, do not place yourself in a space to feel shame. We are all called to live in our truth and that means knowing that you can’t change the past. but you can change the outcome of the future. If you experience things in your life and learn nothing, you are hindering your ability to grow. Be honest with yourself and reflect on the part you played. Now that you are out of the situation you also have time to look at things from the outside looking in. That also gives you different perspective. Don’t be afraid to go through the motions. Remind yourself you are human, you are allowed to make mistakes and you will grow from them. I pray this information has helped you and you will take that last sentence as a daily affirmation to fall and get back up. Blessings.

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