Healing is the main thing!

Healing is the main thing


“Learn, grow, heal, repeat.” If you are in a continuous state of those 3 things you’re in a pretty healthy state of mind. This also drastically reduces the time you will have to be concerned with what others are doing because you’re focused on you and your growth. Life is just one big school with many lessons along the way. 



 It is exposing us to what we need to learn and heal from. But it’s up to the individual to get the lessons. If you’re dating someone and it doesn’t turn out well so you end it only to be dating the same person all over again in a different dress or a different suit well then life is trying to signal to you a lesson you need to learn. Take a step back from the dating scene and examine yourself. Ask and receive feedback from trusted sources that will give you honest and unbiased feedback on what they see in you. And don’t discount the feedback as wrong or someone just being jealous of you because sometimes the truth may sting a little before it affects change in a person’s life. 


If you notice that every time a person says something to you, you are defensive examine that. Be courageous enough to look into the mirror and ask yourself “Why am I so defensive whenever someone says something to me?” If more than 1 person tells you something about yourself that you need to change, stop, or alter how you do it, be courageous enough to ask them “well could you tell me more about that?” And then if they begin to tell you a whole laundry list of things that are too much for you to handle at that time, take a deep breath and kindly tell them “thank you for your feedback but that is all I can take for today, let’s pick back up in a couple of days.” That’s ok too but whatever it is know that you can handle it because healing is the main thing! And it really is a life long journey and you don’t have to do it alone. The quicker you begin to identify those specific behavior patterns you’ve been displaying all your life that do not serve you or are in disharmony with who you really are the better off your life will be.


Lastly, know that healing is a life long journey, it’s not a place you go to and park and say “I’m done.” We’ve all got something to heal from whether it’s an old childhood wound or a new adulthood wound we’ve all got some healing to do. One of my biggest things to heal from was being courageous enough to use my voice. As a child I was not encouraged to speak my truths or to speak up and out on the things and issues that I knew were wrong that the adults in my life shouldn’t be engaging in. And the rare times I did speak out on them nothing happened. So as a child I unconsciously internalized that as ‘keep quiet and don’t say nothing. Just act like you don’t see it’ which was just like the adults in my life at that time did. So, I say to you my friends heal! heal! heal! And as always…”Do Your Work!”

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