Healing Will Cost You

We often hear people talk about the work of healing, but what does that really mean? Healing from people, places, and things contributed to your suffering means you’re choosing to disrupt a cycle. Whether that’s generational cycles in your family or your own toxic dating cycle of choosing people based on shared wounds. Either way, choosing yourself automatically means everyone else’s place in your life is getting adjusted.

The harsh reality is that many people in your life who may genuinely love you have also benefited from being in relationship with the unhealed version of you. In some ways you prioritized them over you. You gave of yourself without being replenished. You expected reciprocation from places that could never give it to you. Unknowingly, you contributed to your suffering and now you realize you have the power to change that.

So, the real cost of healing is opposition and isolation. The self-help books and coaching sessions are nominal compared to the daily and maybe hourly decisions you’ll have to make to hold to your boundaries. Once you decide your peace is a top priority, you now have to accept that you will need to separate yourself from environments and dynamics that do not respect your boundaries. You will likely feel guilty for needing to limit or eliminate some relationships. You alone are responsible for making the necessary adjustments in your relationships. It may feel lonely, unfair, and even saddening. Don’t get stuck there, your feelings are temporary, just remind yourself of the truth. Your boundaries are depositing peace into your future.


Your peace is so much more valuable than unhealthy companionship. You can do this. Breathe and keep moving forward.


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