Health and wellness for nurses

It’s never too late to invest in yourself. As a Licensed Practical Nurse, I have started on my path to being healthy. I was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis and had to make a decision to get healthy. In June 2019, I hired a private master trainer. At that time, I didn’t see beyond my obesity. I had no vision for my life at all as far as fitness. My trainer saw the vision for my body type. I didn’t see any of it at first.  I had let my self go. I made a conscious decision to get back into shape,  with my trainer’s help, I lost 65 lbs by October 2019 and started the path to transforming my life. 

As nurses, fitness  should be a priority, so that at the end of your shift, your whole body doesn’t reek of pain and discomfort. So many nurses end up with knee and hip surgeries. All of the walking that our profession involves can be taxing on your body, especially when it is out of shape. 

I’m challenging all new nurses and graduates to step up and become fit. I challenge all of the newbies to come in and actually make yourselves a priority. I’m challenging you all to step up literally, to invest in yourself and get fit.  If not for yourself, do it to be around for a while longer, enjoying your life. 

If you are in need of a mentor, or career coach for nurses, book a consultation today with me. 

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