HEALTHY BOUNDARIES 🛣️ Example: Not compromising personal values for others


* Appropriate trust 

* Asking a person before touching them 

* Moving Step by Step into intimacy 

* Trusting your own decisions 

* Staying focused on your own growth 🌱 and recovery 

* Defining your truth, as you see it (Ex: Me – _______)

* Maintaining personal values despite what others want 

* Knowing who you are and what you want 

* Noticing when someone invades your boundaries 🛣️ 

* Becoming your own living parent 💕 

* Saying “No” 🗣️ to food 🍜, gifts 🎁, touch 👫, sex you don’t want 

* Talking to yourself with gentleness, humor 😄, love ❤️, and respect 

* Revealing a little of yourself at a time, then checking to see how the other person responds to your sharing 

* Respect for others — not taking advantage of someone’s generosity 

* Putting a new acquaintance on hold until you check ✅ for compatibility 

* Self-Respect — not giving too much in hope that some will like you 

* Deciding whether a potential relationship will be good for you 

* Not allowing someone to take advantage of your generosity 

* Weighing the consequence before acting on sexual impulse 

* Recognizing that friends and partners are not mind🧠 readers📖  

* Noticing when someone else displays inappropriate boundaries 🛣️ 

* Being sexual when you want to be sexual — concentrating largely on your own pleasure rather than monitoring reactions of your partner 

* Clearly communicating your wants and needs (and recognizing that you may be turned down, but you can ask)







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