Healthy choices

When you hear the term “health and wellness” what comes to your mind? Healthy food? A doctor visit that went well? Exercising? What thoughts go through your head? I used to look at it as being hard to maintain, something that robbed me of my favorite foods, and time consuming. After discovering what my own life needed in order to be more healthy, I discovered health and wellness can be the opposite of what I thought before. The best thing I can tell you when it comes to being more healthy is to look for small opportunities. For example, grabbing a healthy smoothie or bottle of water instead of a soda. If you eat out four times a week, try to eat out two or three times. Find creative ways to pack a lunch for work or find fun recipes for quick easy dishes for dinner. It doesn’t stop with food though. I know a lot of people like to binge watch their favorite shows. However, taking thirty minutes to an hour out of your day sitting quietly, going for a walk, reading your favorite devotional book, or praying can work wonders for your mental health and awareness for the day. I’ve learned tv shows are fun and entertaining, but we should always make more time for ourselves as well. When it comes to wellness that’s one of my favorite because it is another thing you can make so many changes to, that eventually turn into good habits. Wellness doesn’t have to be confined to exercising and good sleeping patterns. Wellness can be what keeps you happy, what keeps you motivated, what can liven up your day, or keeping your confidence up. For everyone this will be different. It could be stepping out of your comfort zone and getting some new clothes. It could be buying a new skincare treatment for your face. Paying a little extra for the more expensive soap or mouthwash. Going to bed a little earlier or waking up a little earlier. If you have children, finding time to do something fun with them everyday can bring more wellness into your life. Whatever you decide to with your personal situation, understand that everything has a starting point. Also, don’t be so focused on the bigger picture you don’t notice your small victories along the way. Keeping a positive mind and positive outlook will help you as you go into your new journey. -Lori G. Clark

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