Help Someone

We are selfish by nature. Sometimes, we have an inability to empathize on a personal level with people who are hurting. This is one of the reasons why we see so much violence, pain, and agony in the world. It’s easy to become consumed with our emotions and struggles to where we turn a blind eye to the struggles of others. I’m not saying that you must ignore what you’re going through and not to take care of yourself. I am saying that in order to experience the fullness of life, you must make it a point to bless others in their times of need.

The “what about me” mentality if robbing us from being compassionate to those who are going through bigger problems than we are. If we would just take the time to ask if there’s something that I could do for the next person, we would soon realize that our problems are no where in comparison to what they may be going through. Helping someone does not always have to be financially. It could just be giving them a word of encouragement, driving them to the grocery store, or donating the old clothes that you don’t wear.

The world is in need of love. Hate has consumed many and we all must make a decision to not let the hate get the best of us. Some people are at their wits end and in need of a helping hand. Suicide might be their last hope. It may be so bad that they are willing to take their lives in order to escape the agony and pain, but you will never know unless you take the time to listen.

By listening and being compassionate, you will hear their cries and pain. Not only will helping someone give them hope, it will give you a renewed energy that will enable you to see your life in a new perspective. Always know that you are important and every person who you come into contact with is equally as important. We must all make it a habit to begin listening to the cries of others and take the time to give back.

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