Helping Your Child in Special Education

You, the teacher, and your child can help your child get out of special education. This article speaks on the real possibility of advancing to the level of exiting special education for your child.

Special Education is a needed service in school systems. However, the place that I would like to choose to talk about is where children are put there because they are behind in school. I was in the sixth grade on the third-grade level. I was able to get out of special education and eventually work on the doctoral level. If I can do it your child can do it also. I was a special education teacher and I have helped many children be placed in the least restrictive environments that helped them get out of special education. In order to do that with your child, you may need help knowing what can be done as a parent to help your child to get out of special education. Getting out of special education is a good thing if it can be done because one’s self-esteem may depend on it. All children who are in special education can benefit from being there and all children can learn and advance at a higher level. I want to help you know what to do on your end to help your child. I want to help you know what to ask the teacher and how to meet with teachers. You need to know what to do at home and what to have children do to help themselves.

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