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Good afternoon! When I engage with people while I’m out and about, one of the main questions I get is, “Who do you coach”? I coach parents on how to react when receiving TMI from their kids. I teach parents/single parents how to ask the right probing questions to get their teens to open up and give detailed information about school/puberty and adolescent issues. I coach single women on how to understand their worth with my 3 Steps to Solving Single…Self-Care, Self-Development and Self-Reliance. I coach Authors in the making on how to self-publish their book by giving them all of the tips I used to successfully self-publish my book…Hello My Name Is Single Ready To Mingle. I coach individuals in romantic relationships on how to actually work through disagreements using my B. Wiley Basics…Clarity, Understanding and Awareness. I am here to share my services with anyone who is wanting to receive them and apply them to their life. I work from an unbiased place and am here to give examples as well as real life scenarios on what I’ve done to problem solve. Communicating isn’t hard IF you have the right mindset. I’m here to help you with that. 

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