Hi-Five Kim!

You are favored by God because you’re made in his image; strong and powerful

Sometimes I look myself in the mirror and say “High-five Kim!  You’ve gotten past some really dark times in your life.  Spells of heartache & tears, shame & regret, fear & anxiety.  Seasons that would of driven most people crazy or at a minimum turned them into an alcoholic or attic.  But look at you, thriving despite it all.


God was always with you like He said He would be.  He never abandoned you, never left you forsaken in your circumstances.  He’s always believed in you.  He’s always cheered for your overarching success.  And He has now stirred you up to cheer others on.  I’m proud of you.  Use what you have and keep going girl!”


Darling, I don’t know what adversity you’ve gone through or even if it’s not over yet and you feel like you’re losing because it’s kicking your butt!  But I want to tell you… no I NEED to tell you that since your life is not over, please be encouraged.  


🔹The most beautiful rainbow comes after the torrential rain.  

🔹The most beautiful flowers burst forth through dark holes of dirt.  

🔹The most beautiful testimonies are birthed from the most painful places of life.


You are favored by God because you’re made in his image; strong and powerful. Don’t you ever doubt it.  


If you’re still here with us and able to read this message, know that this is not the end of your story.  I don’t know what happens next, but I encourage you to stay on the potters wheel until you experience sweet victory.  I can’t wait to witness what God does in your life.  I’m cheering for your success.

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