Holidays doesn’t make everyone jolly

As we all know the holidays are coming. However,  everyone isn’t looking forward to it and some  people actually can care less. Holiday season for some people is the most difficult time of the year. It shows how much family means to other people, but yet how some families can’t seem to pull it together. A lot of people feel alone, left out, disappointed, and many other negative ways during holiday season. One thing I want everyone to know is, you don’t have to feel any type of negative emotion when it comes to the holidays. Many people long for relationships with their families, but today make peace with your family. Make peace that they are who they are. Make peace that people won’t value the same things as you. Make peace in knowing family may be important, but you can only do so much alone. Find strength in believing in yourself. Find strength in knowing you can’t control the way other people think; or what they do. Find strength in knowing there is a God whose word has stood the test of time. Find strength being different. You can enjoy your own company if you want to. Plan a trip, decorate your house, have a girls night, start writing a few short term goals, outline how your year has been thus far. There are so many things you can do to empower yourself in spite of what may happen around you. During this holiday season you don’t have to be alone or feel alone. Find what and who puts life into you. Make your happiness front and center of your day to day routine. Some people may automatically think this type of stuff is easier said than done. That’s the thing, we expect instant changes instead of focusing on consistent day to day change and letting it move us into newer brighter beginnings. I hope after reading this post you got encouraged to face this upcoming holiday season. You are strong, you’re smart, and your happiness matters. -Lori G. Clark

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