Beauty Is The Way You Hold Yourself.

– I know sometimes you feel lonely… But that doesn’t mean waste your time on people who make you feel even more lonesome. Because when your heart and intentions are pure, you don’t lose anyone. They simply lose you.

– It took me such a great deal of time to comprehend the people you may want as part of your entire life journey/story are only meant to be a chapter. This realization may often lead to a perplexed feeling of despair. May even shatter your world. But please don’t choose to betray yourself. Stop overthinking so much and trust the way life happens. Things change and so do people. Hearts don’t feel the same. Every passing year you grow into someone else. You should always chase the very things that make you feel whole and free. Don’t live in a sad truth, but live is happy reality. I know it seems as though we may not know heartbreak well at all, cause we often relate to heartbreak as a single lover causing the heart ache. But truth be told heartbreak comes in many forms and with different facades. After everything we been through we should come to a common comprehension; you can still be enamored and madly in love with someone, but still decide to leave them behind. Your not a bad person for it. You decided to to choose yourself. You finally came face to face with your inner self-worth. This is just part of the benevolent healing process. Don’t be afraid to let go. And don’t be afraid of giving yourself the love you deserve. We are all meant for phenomenal things on our short stay on this earth. But maybe that is the problem with the world. And the dire misunderstanding amongst homosapiens. We don’t know what to feel and we don’t know how to be our absolute best version of ourselves.

– So maybe love was meant to save us from ourselves.

– You are the product of everything that came before you. Cherish that. 

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