Honor thy Mother and Father

I recall a time in my teenage life where I thought I had it all together and I no longer needed the guidance from my mother and father. Since I had completed highschool and well on my way to adult life, my attitude made a drastic change. I started to rebel and talk down to my parents as if they knew nothing about life.Ā 

My father had just about enough of my attitude and I was surely ready for the war; he said to me since I appeared to have ot all together he would no longer be responsible for my car payment, my bedroom now had a price that I had to pay to stay. I was literally in shock and couldn’t believe what I was hearing. But that was the day I had to accept full responsibility for myself and my actions in a real way. My mother had a long talk with me about honoring thy mother and father. I never took into consideration how badly I was making them feel while still assuming financial responsibility for things I was benefiting from.Ā 

As I reflect back over my life and really ponder on how disrespectful I was as a teenager, whether it was talking back or undermining my parents; I now know if I had not repented to God, forgiven myself and made a change immediately my life would not be as blessed as it is today. I thank God for my parents every day. Although our relationship is not picture perfect, I make sure to lift them in prayer and take all of my battles to the Lord.


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