HONOR YOUR FEELINGS -unknown author

"Honor and majesty are before Him; strength and beauty are in His sanctuary." -Psalm 96:6

Honor your feelings.  Recognize how you feel, knowing that you are more than your feelings.  Work with yourself daily to be happy, joyous, loving, kind, considerate, and everything else that describe a healthy attitude.

When negativity attempts to show up in your life, pause to identify the feelings associated with it, and refuse to let them drop into your subconscious mind, for there are consequences from all that is permitted to enter there.

Immediately get busy reminding yourself of the truth.  Continue to work with yourself until those feelings subside.  There are tools that you can use to clear away any feelings unlike the nature of God, which is Absolute Good.

The tools are denial, affirmation, and forgiveness.  Deny or say “no” to any form of negativity as soon as there is an appearance.  Then replace it with affirmations, which are positive statements of Truth.  Finally, forgive yourself or anyone else that needs to be forgiven.  By doing so, you honor and recognize all your feelings, without suppressing the ones that need to be released.    -unknown author

I’ve been utilizing this method for years!  Thought is was important to share with y’all today.  So you can have a better understanding of the new direction that God has been leading me into, to God be the glory!  Amen

Celestine R. Snell, A HEALING MOTIONS Production “2021”  Peace & Love

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