Hopeless Hearts

Transparent moment: I’ve been working on a few assignments in this season in a systematic way so I would not get “burn out”. I’ve been putting feet to the prophecies that were released over my life. Have you ever heard the saying “you must work the prophecy”? Well I have been working it and I have seen some progress however I wasn’t seeing the movement I DESIRED. I had a moment early this morning. As I was awakened to pray at 3 am I went into my normal posture to intercede for others and war. But as I was trying to tap in, it was if I was hitting a wall. The Lord unction me just to speak to Him about myself. I just began to weep and started to say “I have been working on what you told me to, what is going on?”. I see other people getting major breakthroughs, what am I doing wrong?. Lord I give, I sacrifice, I pray for others. What’s going on, Lord? I further told Him I need some relief from this. I’m tired of not seeing or receiving the desired results. When am I going to get help or when is someone going to take care of me or bless me? Lord I need my own space I need to move out of NY. I don’t want to be here anymore, I cant do it anymore. Then I began with the David syndrome. Why is it, those with wicked hearts are abundantly blessed?. Their hearts are wicked. Immediately, I heard in my spirit “Hope deferred makes the heart sick” I began to feel hopeless in my heart which caused all of this sickness to spew out of my mouth. He then asked me “Daughter what are you doing here?” I answered and said I’m here because I did not take advantage of the opportune season that was given to me to advance so I would be prepared for now. The Lords knows how to put the light on you to reveal to you that sometimes its your own actions that caused you to be in that present situation. See, some of you are complaining about why you are stuck or have not moved from that place you are in. God always gives us seasons and times to prepare for our next season we are supposed to walk in. You forfeited it when you disobeyed and didn’t move when He said move. Listen, you still will get to your appointed destiny but now you are trying to force the MOMENTUM of PROGRESS. But there is HOPE. The Lord knows how to accelerate you into purpose. Don’t forfeit your next opportune time of preparation. Get into alignment now. Stop complaining and crying about it. REPENT for your disobedience and move forward. Remember this, hope deferred makes the heart sick…..but many don’t remember the last part of that scripture “but when the DESIRE comes it is a TREE of LIFE! The DESIRE is coming!

Coach Katrina

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