How do you deal with disappointment?

Disappointment is never fun, no weather if you are working through a broken relationship, missed out on an advancement in your career, or just dealing with things that did not turn out the way you imagined or planned for it. Whatever the disappointment may be, it usually is not as bad as it seems and there is more than just one way to work through your disappointment.

Here are a few ways:

Take a deep breath and wait to react. Sometimes our first reaction to a situation is not the best way to handle you disappointment.

Let your feelings out. It is natural for you to feel upset.

Try to put perspective around your problems. Talk with someone who can help you, a family member, a friend or even a life coach.

Be grateful – take 5 minutes and write down everything you are grateful for.

Take some time to heal. Take a long walk. Go get some exercise. Listen to some music, see a movie or even find a place to volunteer in your community.

Take some time to reflect…what did you learn? Were you expectations unrealistic? Did you take in consideration that there maybe a different way of achieving your goal?
Can you adjust your expectations?

Most importantly, do not dwell on your disappointment. You can not change what has happened in the past. If you are feeling depressed, in most cases you are trying to live in the past. If you are feeling anxious, most likely you are stressing about the future. Take each day, each moment and try to do your best. You should not have the self expectation that you can or will be prefect.

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