How do you treat negative thinking?

Lets try this to "stop" negative thoughts...

Afternoon thought…

How do you treat negative thinking?

Sometimes even in the midst of doing our best negative thoughts will arise. When that happens, practice “thought stopping”.  Do you remember that movie line, Halt… who goes there? 

Well the next time your mind wants to dwell on the negative, STOP IT immediately. Don’t allow any and every wondering thought to circulate in your valuable space. Put it out and think on those things that are good.

You may need to have a few good thoughts prepared in advance so you’re not stuck in the moment grasping for air. On a personal note, I enjoy singing my favorite gospel song out loud or to myself. I can’t sing and think negative at the same time so guess which one wins. 

Addressing the thought later if you desire can also minimize repeated activity. Plan ahead to have a healthier mindset. 

Talk to you again,

Coach Willis

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