How do you want to feel?

How can I change my mindset and position myself to feel that and more in my future? More joy. More love. More freedom.

A life coach of mine challenged my way of thinking about the future last year, and I have only just recently started putting this mindset into practice.

Usually, when we think about the future we think about what we want to be doing and what we want to have. We want to make six figures. We want to be our own bosses. We want to be married and have children. We want to own a house. We want what the world tells us we want without really thinking about why. My life coach challenged me, however, to think less about what I want to have and more about how I want to feel. 

I think about my life now and consider what I love to feel now: secure, loved, seen, driven. How can I change my mindset and position myself to feel that and more in my future? More joy. More love. More freedom.

Since tomorrow is Valentine’s day, I want to take this as a time to address my fellow single friends. We often get so fixed on our desire to be married. We long to have the relationship we don’t have now. I challenge you, however, in this season to consider: how do you want to feel when you are married?


Then I want you to consider this: why don’t you feel that way now? What if, instead of waiting for a spouse to fulfill all these desires, we built a life with healthy relationships (friendships, family relationships) and actions that make us feel admired and respected, loved and supported?

I think about how my fellow business owners make me feel seen when they empathize with the struggles of self-employment. I think of how I feel when a new friend trusts me enough to share their hurts with me. I think about how I feel when I start a new business endeavor and my parents say how proud they are of me… When my younger brother looks to me for business advice. What about when my grandma welcomes my rambunctious dogs over to her house just to spend the afternoon with me?

What an abundance of blessings we have. I challenge you to shift your mindset from lack to abundance and to consider the things that truly matter as you build the life you want to live.

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