How Men Read Women And How Women Read Men

Below is a list of things men look at when reading women and vice versa. These are signals that the person uses to determine their perception of the other person and how the opposite sex attracts certain people in their life. So if you ever wonder why you date the same kind of person (good or bad) here is why. Please remember that some people read you to prey on those insecurities you may exhibit.

How Men Read Women

1. How she dresses (conservative, dressy, slutty, modest, fashionable) – This can determine how the man approaches the woman or the line he uses. It can give him the impression that you are either easy to sleep with or make him think you are a virgin. If the woman dresses very feminine or high-end, it may determine the gifts he gives or the lifestyle he tries to show off.  Many guys may not approach a woman who he feels will reject him before he could get a word out. Although, some men date out of their league which results in disaster in the long run. 

2. How she carries herself – Does she walk with her head up or down. Is she slouching or sitting up. Does she look scared and nervous or manish (masculine energy). If the women does not look confident in the way she carries herself then she may be prey. Prey is a victim of a predator. A predator is a person who exploits others for personal gain or sport. The personal gain could be for sex, evil acts, or a surrogate for the predator to take out the predator’s anger, misery, or insecurities onto the surrogate. The purpose of the surrogate is because the predator is unable to or to cowardly to address the true source of their anger.

3. Her body type and facial appearance – It determines how he approaches the woman and the lifestyle he tries to offer. It may determine if you are easy to sleep with (his perception) if he couples your appearance with how you carry yourself and your attire. Sometimes men try to prey on women who are heavier in size or a smaller woman who does not have the confidence to match her beauty. 

4. Her personality, attitude, or response to him – If a man was able to determine your personality from watching or based on second-hand knowledge, he will adjust his actions accordingly. If a woman looks as if she has a positive attitude or approachable he may approach her differently than a woman with a less approachable look. Hence, a guy will call one woman, “hey shawty” or may approach another woman more formal. Also a man will read how a woman responds to his greeting or non verbal cues. The woman that flirts with a guy who eyed her sexually or slapped her butt will attract a certain time of behavior from a guy than a woman who discourages and dismisses inappropriate or obscene behaviors. The response is also something men continually reads throughout dating a woman. If the guy mistreats a woman in any way, how she responds to that mistreatment determines how he continues to treat her as long as the relationship continues. So if a woman accepts cursing and loud talking, he will continue the behavior. If the woman dismisses it and treats it as a deal-breaker, he will stop the behavior. He may push to see if she is serious. Breaking up and how long the break is determines how he responds to her standards and boundaries – if he was afforded the opportunity to continue the relationship.

How Women Read Men

1. His swag and energy – What most men fail to realize is that swag is another term for confidence with style. Confidence and masculine energy is attractive to women. Although some women try to control their men, they actually do not respect nor are they sexually attracted to him. That is why so many women date “bad boys” and “street dudes” rather than the “church boy” or “studious” look.  The swag and masculine energy gives the woman a sense of protection. Women want a man who look as if he can fight for her. It is a built-in feature in women. This is probably why most women like athletes.

2. How he dresses – At times, a woman may not know how much money a man has; so, the way he dresses can be a tell-tell sign of his social status and even his level of confidence and swag. If he dresses like money he probably has money. If he dresses nice and has swag, then her sexual attraction to him increases.

3. His money and lifestyle – It is another built-in feature that women have. Women seek men that can provide both wants and necessities. If a man has the lifestyle she wants then she is interested. If the guy looks like he can provide the lifestyle (through his skill-set, career, ambition, or talent that will take him far in life) then she will be interested. If not, then depending on her character and her priorities, she will reject him, use him, or overlook this if he has either swag or power. 

4. His job/career – This really boils down to power. Some careers may not generate money, but it generates power. Usually, power will later generate money, but not always. These positions are politicians, pastors, military or law enforcement officers, and head managers at a white collar job. Women like a man in charge. It goes back to the protective energy as stated in the swag and energy category.

5. His looks – Women who tend to read men based on his looks usually are hung up on whether he has swag as well. In the woman’s eyes, the man who looks good, makes her feel good. A woman gets a boost of confidence and can make other women envy of her if she can get with a guy most women crave, but can’t have. Also, just like a man with swag, the woman assumes this guy may be a good “lover” in the bedroom.

Hopefully, knowing how the opposite sex reads you, encourages you to make positive adjustments were needed. Similar to an interview, your first impression can dictate someone’s perception of you.  How you dress, carry yourself, and respond to certain things can attract certain behaviors and bring about certain perceptions whether true or not.

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