How much should a beginning coach charge?

$25 is a perfect place to start for a brand new coach.

Being a coach is a luxury. It’s a fun job that allows you to work from home and meet great people. Being that coaching doesn’t require extensive schooling and it’s not regulated by the government, the pay structure is unique. Your rate should be determined by the value you bring to the industry, and that is measured by your expertise in your coaching category, your experience, and the medium you coach in.

Our recommendation is to start between $25-$50/hr if you’re looking to get your first coaching client. Then give yourself a raise every 10 clients. This allows you to put in several hours of coaching, gain experience, and find your flow.

The benefit of starting in that price range is that your new clients won’t be sticker-shocked by your rate, and it gives you room to make some mistakes and not be critiqued to harshly because it didn’t cost the client their life savings. We have coaches who have been coaching for 10 years and charge $250/hr. Therefore if you’re in your first year, $25 is a perfect start.

We know you may be tired of your day job and you really want a career change, but be OK balancing your job with your dream until your dream becomes your job.

Have fun! We wish you the best! If you have other questions, please leave us comments and we will continue to add to the vault.