How poor diet and lack of exercise may contribute to low T and problems in the bedroom

Testosterone is important for sexual function and performance. Prevent drastic decline by making good choices with lifestyle.

Testosterone plays a huge role in men’s health , but its perhaps most meaningful role is in feeling sex drive and performance. ¬†Testosterone levels decrease with age and similar to what women go through with menopause, men go through what we call andropause. ¬†The peak levels occur in early adulthood and then drop by about 1% per year beginning in the 40’s. ¬†An abrupt decrease in levels can occur with certain conditions.¬†It can happen because of an injury or illness (such as an infection), chemotherapy or radiation treatment, or certain medications. ¬†More commonly and at very high levels we are seeing men’s testosterone levels dropping because of changes in the American diet. ¬†I have been speaking about the Standard American Diet in the past, and that diet consist of ¬†high processed carbohydrates. ¬†A blood sugar that goes above 110-120, causes changes in the hormones that feed into the production of testosterone. ¬†Many do not realize this connection and it can be a rude awakening to discover once irreversible damage has occurred to the cells in the testicles that produce testosterone. ¬†A lot of the damage can occur in a way that is painless and can go undetected because of lack of symptoms until there are dramatic issues in the health. ¬†

Testosterone helps to maintain sex drive and sexual performance. ¬†This function can be important to men’s self esteem so it is important to act proactively to prevent this decline prematurely.


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