How to Break A Soul Tie

The first step to breaking an Ungodly Soul tie is to acknowledge the Sin, confess it and Repent and Renounce any commitments you have made with the Individuals and ask for forgiveness. Next you have to create barriers and go into Isolation and get into the Prescence of God and allow Him to take you through a Healing process to Make you Whole. Alot of times we end up in Soul times because we are looking for an individual to fill a Void in Us that only God can fill. Next get rid of any objects, pictures, gifts, delete text messages anything that kept you connected to the person. Soul ties are easy to develop but Hard to break. We have to learn to take control over our Flesh and begin to use Discernment when Meeting people because every encounter is Spiritual and we have to learn to Discern people’s motives to avoid getting in these predicaments. And last but not least FORGIVE the person if you still have any root of anger or bitterness towards them. Forgiveness is more for you than them so that you are able to move forward in life and receive the blessings that are owed to you and receive the love that you deserve from the one that is Right for you.

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