How to Change

In life we sometimes have repeated patterns. We can be experiencing the same patterns in relationships, financially, at work, or maybe mentally. These maybe patterns that you are personally struggling with or maybe it’s generational. If you have identified any negative patterns that you would like to change then you have already completed the first step. Awareness is a priority when you are trying to change, after all you don’t fix something that you don’t think is broken. Once you are aware of the things you would like to change you have to be willing to change. Even though that seems like a no brainer, once you decide to change resistance will show up in your life. Resistance may show up as procrastination, self doubt, excuses, limiting beliefs, denial, FEAR etc. Whatever pattern you are trying to release in your life is showing you something that you need to heal. Often our patterns are formed from deep beliefs that we hold. For example if you have financial troubles you may have the deep belief that you are not worthy of having money. The beliefs that you have stem from a negative experience that you have had in the past, but you can rewrite your belief system. Releasing that negative thought and forgiving the person  and yourself for that belief is key. Once you have let go of that negative thought replace it with something positive. I know affirmations may seem cheesy but it is really effective when changing thought patterns. So changing is merely a process of awareness, forgiveness, and a change in mindset. Something’s will be easy to change while other things may take years. However long it takes just remember to show yourself love and celebrate your progress. Changing isn’t easy, after all they say nothing worth having comes easy!

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