How To Create Time To Do The Things You Love

Hey Sis,
If you’re extremely overwhelmed or trying to get over a period of feeling burnt out in running your business then lets really talk about a possible solution for you.
The end result I want you to have at the end of this blog is to know how you can get yourself out of overwhelm and become more productive…
I did this the hard way at first and when I began learning tools that can make running a business much smoother my heart was and is always to share it with the world…
Hear me out for a second..
Having a 6 figure business will not just come to you on a silver tray, in particular the kind of business that will make you reach your lifestyle goals and keep you excited each and every day while making the impact you desire to make in this life..
This kind of business is developed through working on certain strategies in a very intentional way.
Connecting with like-minded female entrepreneurs and allowing them to keep you accountable is key.
As my business grew a lot of tasks need to be fulfilled…
Talking to clients…
Creating and sending emails…
Doing my marking and sales…
Making sure I produce value added products…
And to top it all off….
When I first started, I had to run payments ONE by ONE…
It was a nightmare…
Yes, you want to make money, but imagine running hundreds of payments manually in one day!
All this while, being a wife and mom of three children and not to mention the youngest is a baby that also needs one hundred percent hands on attention.
Getting Rid of the Overwhelm
I definitely needed to start rebuilding myself in a convenient way so I could become the anchor for my business.
I took serious inventory of my life, which got me thinking‚Ķ things weren’t so hunky dory.
In fact, zooming in on all aspects of it…
My finances, wellness, marriage, business, motherhood, social life, relaxation, church activities, travel…
Were a bit out of balance…
Step by step, I began to put in place practical actions that would help me achieve the balance I needed.
Firstly, I realized I need a community…
I could no longer do business alone and I know others couldn’t either.
So I launched The Activation Inner Circle helped me gain a greater focus and strategy.
Teamwork makes the dream work right?
And this is what I wanted to achieve in this community.
In addition to this there are some relationships I had to absolutely drop and time management became really crucial.
To begin this exercise I had to check how I was spending my day and realize what was taking a lot of my time that I could totally eliminate.
This is a life changing exercise where you basically inventory what you are doing every 30 minutes and figure and how long it takes you to complete certain tasks.
As we are talking about reclaiming hours back into your life, it’s important to develop a good flow of your business and life then merge them together…
I call it blending.
It’s the most amazing feeling knowing that you business and life support each other.
And an absolutely beautiful thing to watch grow.
The Ultimate Game Changer
Living my dream life took a while but it certainly became easier with time.
You do not have to walk your business journey alone. Come and be activated with accountability and support in The Activation Inner Circle.
Learning certain automation tools was a game changer for me. I no longer have to manually run my payments and not all emails need to be physical sent by me. My social media is scheduled and so much more.
Not only that, but my life as a wife and mom has become more rock solid. My relationships are more fluid and budding.
I can take my morning walks, book a vacay when I feel that I need one. I am an optimist that does not allow myself to easily get overwhelmed. I have more time available to love on my family, from the youngest to the oldest.
And my business is thanking me for this too.
My clients are getting clearer about their Bankable Gift.
I’m scaling quicker…
Generating weekly sales even during the pandemic.
I am more relaxed and much wiser than I’ve ever been.
Is this possible for you?
This is the moment to pause and reflect in order to make the changes you need to become a better YOU with a much better lifestyle. You want to make sure you build the wealth and resilience you need to achieve all that you need to, and making an impact that will last for generations to come.
It’ time to take back your life through the power of activation and automation!

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