How to develop a winning mindset

I’m a firm believer that your life will never change until your mindset does. The way you look at things always determine how you approach them, how you handle them, how you let it affect you, and how you conquer them. A winning mindset doesn’t exempt you from difficult days. It doesn’t make your days necessarily easier either. But it does allow you to be in complete control and understand your power within. So how do you create this mindset? Where do you begin? Here’s a list of some things I think can help steer you into a winning mindset.

1.      Setting personal goals. Personal goals give you something to work towards. It also gives you a level of achievement when you reach your goals. Staying consistent with goals both short and long term, have proven to be very beneficial over time.

2.      Evaluate your circle. They say if you hang around five broke people, you’re bound to be the sixth one. Well flip it, and say if you hang around five winners you’re bound to be the sixth one.

3.      Clearly define what winning looks like for you. Is winning wrapped in social status? Job title? Relationship status? Good health? Good family life? Think of it this way. If you were to tell someone you think you’re winning in life, how would you explain it to them?

4.      Know your triggers. When you’re aware of your triggers you’re not easily moved by negative things or people. Thus keeping yourself in position to stay focused.

5.      Develop healthy habits. Healthy habits eventually turn into a healthy lifestyle. Healthy habits can include anything from adequate rest, eating healthy, good time management, meditating, reading good books. All of these things can help you in a positive way.

Now are you ready? Ready to do what it takes to come out on top? Ready to walk with your chin held high? Ready to conquer all your battles? Ready to reach new levels? I know some people may say “that’s what’s wrong with people now. They give themselves more credit than they should, or they ignore reality. There isn’t that much positivity in the world. They’ll see one day.” Developing a winning mindset does not mean you’re overvaluing yourself or not being realistic to your circumstances. It means you have control over your circumstances and refuse to be defeated. Your goal in life is to continue to grow. You don’t want to keep going through the same fruitless cycles over and over again. That’s the type of winning I’m talking about. So again…..are you ready?

-Lori G. Clark


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