How to Develop Self-Esteem

Self-Esteem can be developed over time with the right outlook and support.

Like a fine gem produced from the earth takes time to develop, so does our self-esteem. When we look at nature verses nurture, we can often target the negative situations in our growth and development that may have shaken our self-esteem. Because of the very nature of our society women are subject to many challenges when developing self-esteem. Our height, weight, skin color or tone, hair length and texture, education, or intelligence and our very being is looked at under a microscope. We are all compared to one-another no matter our race, culture, or geographical area. Self-Esteem is one of the critical components that factors into how we see, love and heal as we move through our lives.  Like a gem our self-esteem has many facets, but unlike a gem we can enhance our brilliance or let it be diminished by our experiences.  No matter the set-back, always hold yourself in high esteem. Look for help if needed and in time you will begin to shine.

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