How to Get Aligned with Your Purpose

That calling that makes you feel alive doesn’t exist for no reason; it is a compass for your soul’s navigation system.

Many of us have been conditioned to believe that we don’t have the power to choose to live out our soul’s calling. So we settle for jobs, relationships, and places that don’t bring us that inner fulfillment. People spend their whole lives unhappy by choosing to ignore when their soul is giving them that daily nudge to get aligned. As a new decade is approaching you are going to want to leave that mindset and way of life behind, and get aligned with the greatness that lives within you!

Many of us can already feel what our purpose is and are constantly given signs to be acted upon. You have gifts, interests, talents, passions, and an inner purpose that is waiting to be shared with the world. That calling that makes you feel alive doesn’t exist for no reason; it is a compass for your soul’s navigation system. It is your responsibility to listen to what sparks your soul, begin to get into alignment, and share your gift. So how on Earth do you even do that?

1st Take a moment to think about your talents and interests. What brings you inner peace and happiness? It could be designing clothes, baking the most amazing cakes, or even supporting humanitarian causes. What do you truly want to feel, accomplish, and contribute to the world? Anything you can envision you can create. 

2nd Work on developing a strategy and an action plan that will allow you to become aligned with your purpose on a more daily basis. You may need to register for some classes, pick up a sewing machine, or purchase that camera. I recommend creating a list of 5 daily priorities that will get you in alignment with your gift, and make sure you accomplish them by the end of each day. A vision without action is what some like to call a daydream, and we can plan to leave that behind in this decade as well.  

3rd Be consistent and patient! I know many of us are hooked on instant gratification. We want things to happen, and we want them to happen now! However, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Getting aligned with your goals and purpose will take time, but it’s all a part of the journey. Trust that it will develop your skills, character, mindset, and drive. Don’t look to the left or right or allow comparison to creep in and bring you down. Trust the timing of your life and run your race. 

When you continuously put in the effort and energy, trust that your outer world will begin to align with your inner purpose. The people, resources, and opportunities that are meant for you will finally be able to cross your path once you begin to move! Don’t downplay your talents by settling for a life that isn’t true to you. Living in alignment with your purpose is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself and to those around you. The world is waiting for you to share your greatness!

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