How to handle a Tree Shaker🍃

Why are they always taking my peace?

What’s a Tree Shaker? 

A Tree Shaker is someone who is extremely argumentative. Typically this person is well educated so they know how to manipulate their words to make you seem like you’re the one who is barking up the wrong tree, but in reality they talk from a place of fear and uncertainty. 

Tree Shakers are unhappy with themselves and uncertain about everything in their lives so when they meet a person who knows themselves they become offended and determined to make that person feel as unhappy and uncertain as they feel inside, SUBCONSCIOUSLY.

Common Tree Shaker’s:

Grandparents, Parents, Older Siblings, Roommates, Aunties and Uncles, Boyfriend, Girlfriend, and the list goes one. 

Why are they like this? 

They think their opinion is relevant, that’s why they’re comfortable enough to even think it’s ok to shake the tree. 

At some point the person receiving the shaking allowed the shaker to feel like what they had to say mattered now the manipulator(The Shaker) has no boundaries.


How do I deal with a Tree Shaker? 

Put them in their place, ASAP.If they are family and you don’t have the strength to do so try your best to ignore it until you can move out. If it’s someone who is an addition to your life ask yourself if you really need them in your life.

Are they really worth your peace of mind?

Thank You for Reading!

I look forward to seeing your feedback on this topic.

Don’t Shake My Tree, Confidence is Key!!!


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