How To Know If You Are The Only Woman In A Man’s Life

Hey Ladies,
When it comes to dating, some women struggle with feeling like they are the only one in a man’s life. I want you to know when a man wants you to be his wife. He will make you his priority, and you will be the only one. You will not have to worry about his attention being with another woman, especially if he is a man who is willing to be faithful.
At the beginning stages of dating a man, he may be talking to other women. But at some point when he feels connected with you, loves you, and wants to be in a relationship with you. He will only want attention from you. This type of man will show you that he is interested in you, ask you what do you want in life, how he can be in your future, and more. Also, he will be someone who is marriage material.
Suppose you date a man who wants to get all of the attention from other ladies, and he talks about other women to you. He may make you feel that he is disrespecting you. This type of man will likely not be marriage material, and putting it on him will not change his mind.
I believe that there is a good man who will be faithful, loving, and who wants you to be his wife. He will only want attention from you, and he will not pay attention to other women because you are all he needs. Also, he will value you, and you can value him as well.
So when it comes to men and attention. You have to know that his attention span first starts in his heart. If he truly wants to marry you, he will show you. He will pursue you and let you know there isn’t anybody else.
Right now, I am helping women position themselves for marriage. So do not lose hope on dating or marriage. You have to believe that a good man will be interested in you and for you to learn dating principles that work.

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