How to know when you are loved?

"A real man is not trying to date the most beautiful woman in the world, Instead he dates the woman that makes his world beautiful."

When a man really and truly loves you, you will know. You will not have to wonder at any time. A man will go to the end of the earth for the woman he loves. He will call you all day and text you all day.  You will not get good morning beautiful text.  Because everybody knows that three other women are getting that same text. So, he would not do that instead you will get a wakeup call.  He would go against anybody for his love. His mother, father, sister, brother, bestie, his boys nothing or no one will come before you. He will take you on dates to get to know you better. The best way to get to know someone is by talking all the time. After that first date he will schedule the second date. After the second date he will schedule the third. It does not matter to him because he is not letting you out of his sight. It is a beautiful thing if the feelings are mutual.

I know what it feels like to have someone that absolutely loves you.  He was my Fiancé.  I have never had anybody love me like this man, ever. Even when I was married my ex-husband did not love me like my Fiancé did.  This is a man that knew what he wanted, and he executed just that. June 26,2020 is the third anniversary of his death. It would be three years and I miss him every day. Anybody after him is a substitute. I cannot turn anybody into this man he was in a class by himself. This man loved on me every day. We did not argue or fight, he spoke life into who ever was around him. Everybody wanted to be in his presence because they knew that they would have some takeaways when they left. Nothing but wisdom always came out his lips. And he had a walk that commanded any room he entered. I know that when a man finds a woman, he finds a good thing, per the Bible. But I felt so honored that he would even consider me.

How do I know he loved me? He cut off everybody including his little fan club and uprooted his life in New York City and moved to North Carolina to be with the woman he wanted to marry. We were planning a wedding, in the process of getting our house build and opening two business in the same year 2017. This is when a man loves you, he is motivated to make you happy no matter what. But after all that God had another plan for my life. Because five days before our wedding he died. I had to cancel a wedding and plan a funeral in the same week and to make matters worse our house was not finished. So being the strong woman that he grew to love my final act of loving him was to show that I could go on and be successful. He was an Entrepreneur that was determined to take care of me. As I reflect on his life, I can truly say without a shadow of a doubt I was loved.

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