How to maintain a Healthy Mind

In today’s Society everyone seems to put Style over Substance. But if we dont take care of our Minds all of the other things really dont matter. I am a Strong advocate of promoting leading a lifestyle with a Healthy Mindset because I Have been on the other end in a dark place where I allowed the negative things that were planted in my Head by Satan and others to dictate how I ran my life under low self esteem, lack of confidence, and not knowing  my Worth. Until one day when God had to put me in Isolation and took me through a Season of Purging and Renewing my Mind and taking every thought that was not of Him and bringing them under the Authority of Christ. And on that day when my mind was renewed I became a New Person and received the Grace to begin to walk in the Purpose that God has called me to.

Below are some steps to take to begin to a Healthy Mind and a Renewed Mindset:

Tip #1. The mind needs forgiveness. In order to move on from any negative impact that has been planted in your mind you have to have the ability to forgive. Holding onto offenses robs yourself of the best version of you. The greatest revenge you can get is to have a successful future but you will never experience it as long as your Mind is committed to holding on to offenses caused by others, Fogive them, Release them and Move Forward.

Tip #2. Your Mind Needs Vision and Clarity. It needs to be able to look through whatever is hindering you today and look forward to what is coming into the Future. Having a Vision empowers you to get up everyday with an Expectant Heart with Expectation for a brighter Future. Vision gives You Purpose and Every Mind needs a Vision. Without a Vision people perish and remain Stagnant.

Tip #3. The Mind needs Compassion. When you lack compassion for others you become a self righteous hypocrite. You are not a Healthy person Mentally if you are not Authentic. You have to be able to be empathetic to others needs and not judge them.

Tip #4. Your Mind needs to be able to Vent. Everyone needs a safe place amongst people where they can be able to vent without being judged. Keep people in your life that will help you maintain your confidence and allow you to be Human. Sometimes the Healing and breakthrough that a person needs is through having a Conversation.

Tip #5. The Mind Needs to be Transparent. Never be ashamed of your History, Be Real and Honest about it because the reality of it is that God gave you All of those experiences to Empower your Destiny. Dont ever be ashamed of the things God used to make you. Emotional Healing occurs when you’re able to admit the mistakes that you have made but know that none of them negates who you are in God. It may be your History but it does not define your Destiny,

 There is Healing in Transparency.

Tip #6. Your Mind needs a trash disposal System. A Healthy Mind is capable of disposing past negativity so that it doesn’t hinder Present potential. Dont allow the negativity of your past to pollute your Future. If you dont keep your mind moving forward, you’ll become what happened to you instead of becoming what you were created to be.

Tip #7. Your Mind Needs Divine Meditation. You have to get in a Quiet place by yourself and sit still and ponder and allow the Holy Spirit to speak to you and replenish and restore the things that have been depleted from you. Meditation  is where you come and sit before God and you Intentionally direct your thoughts towards Him and not allow the Subconscious mind to run you wherever it desires. This requires Spiritual Discipline.

 In so much of the hustle and bustle of life our Minds are polluted with so much that sometimes we dont even  realize how much we carry from day to day and how the things that we carry in our mind determine the way we move and make decisions in life. But learning to have those difficult but necessary conversations to release and Renew our Mind is the best way to Maintain a Healthy Mindset which will Lead to A Healthy lifestyle. Mindset is Everything When you change your Mindset you change your life. Let me Help you in your journey to a Healthy Mind and A Healthy You.

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