How To Out-Love Your Spouse

I remember complaining to myself about all of my husband’s flaws and then realized that I needed to worry about me and how I could be a better wife. I spent weeks changing my attitude and doing all that I could do and ended up getting my husband’s attention. He didn’t know why I was so sweet, happy, and nice, but he wanted to return the love even greater. Years have gone by since I’ve made the change and we both still try to out-love each other. 

So if you want to out-love your spouse focus on you and how you can be your best self. Change the way you talk to your spouse. Change your energy when you are around your spouse. Spend time loving them. Once they see a change in you, a good spouse will want to reciprocate. Start today making a change. Truth be told, if you both do this, you will always end up in a tie when you try to out-love each other.

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