How To Overcome Binge Eating Disorder

Read some tips and find resources to overcome binge eating!

Binge eating is an eating disorder where you consume a large amount of food typically in a short period of time. Many people suffer from this disorder (including myself sometimes), so I thought I could share with you a few ways on how to overcome binge eating once and for all, and improve your entire quality of life J.

The first step to change in any area of your life is of course, awareness. As soon as you have the awareness of what you’re doing to yourself and how it affects you, you can make a decision to change it. You need to understand WHY you want the change (to look better, feel better, become healthier).

Why do people binge in the first place? Different reasons, but usually it’s because you’re putting your body through some form of change that it’s not accustomed to i.e a new diet, fasting, starving yourself to lose weight, boredom, etc. When this happens, your body/brain react in survival mode because it feels like there is a major change happening and something is out of place, therefore the binge.


The first resource I recommend is reading the book “Brain Over Binge”. This book is about a woman who suffered from binge eating, was bhelimic, and would try to balance out her life by doing lots of cardio. This book describes that we have 2 brains, the animal brain (which is responsible for survival) and the human brain, which is more logical (the prefrontal cortex).


This book teaches you how to disassociate both of these brains. The animal brain is not you and doesn’t have any control over what you do. Only the prefrontal cortex does. Once you understand the difference, you then understand that you can make the conscious choice on whether or not to act on it.  You learn to make better choices to break out of the habit of binge eating disorder.

The second resource I recommend is called, “The Body You Deserve” by Anthony Robbins. This is a 10-day audio course that you can listen to, which will teach you how to associate pain with binge eating, build a threshold to change yourself to stop binge eating whenever that feeing comes about. This course teaches you how to break out of the pattern using triggers/interruptions that will teach you how to overcome binge eating once and for all.


Imagine this, you’re in the super market and you’re looking at your favorite unhealthy food. Now, picture someone puked all over that food, would you still be tempted to eat it. Probably not, lol. If you use this method with and constantly train and condition your mind, you will see results. Basically, you slowly change your habit.


Last thing is, you would have to test out your binging urges.  This is really where you will know how well these resources will come into practice. If they haven’t worked for you, then perhaps you are not correctly acting on the information provided in the resources.


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