How to recognize red flags

I believe before you can recognize red flags you have to love yourself.  If you come from a place of lack and desperation because you are needing for someone to fill you up inside you will miss the red flags.  I have heard it called FLAMING RED FLAGS. I can relate to a time in my life where I ignored every ref flag.  I would jump from one relationship to the next because I was trying to fill a void.  When we get to the place where life has hit us hard that we go through heartbreak because this person that I gave my everything to was only but a wolf in sheeps clothing. Its in those painful times that we are forced to learn the hard lessons of life and begin to get to know our new self.  After you go through a heart break you are not the same. I would hope like in my case that the pain of a heart break would make you better not bitter.  So back to what I was saying earlier the only way to avoid missing red flags in dating , when this person shows you anger issues, disrespectful name calling, giving you the silent treatment, cheating on you etc!  I believe the only way to see it is  if you love yourself and  know what you deserve where you don’t come from a place of lack.  How do you get to that place ?  You slow down, and you begin a self development journey that fits you.  Take the time to get to know yourself first.  When you take this self love journey you will find yourself and not settle for any relationships that are not  right for you.

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