How to Retrain Your Thinking !!

Have you ever sat down and realized there is a little voice speaking in your head? Have you ever talked to yourself? Yes, the conversation you have with yourself has a direct impact on how you behave and how you feel. Is your self-talk filled with criticism? No need to worry as there are many ways in which you can rewire your brain and retrain your thinking for the positive.

3 Steps to Retrain Your Thinking

 1. Acknowledge Your Thought Process

The first thing is to realize that your thinking needs rewiring. Acknowledge and accept that your thought process is not right and needs to be rectified. Realization is the first step to bring about change. So, once you realize you need to rewire your thought process, you are ready to change.

 2. Personal Mantra

Make a personal mantra to fight those negative thoughts that come to mind. Keep repeating the following lines to keep yourself motivated and focused towards a better thinking process.

           A . Make it happen              C .  Do your best

           B.  You can do it                   D . This is easy

Research shows that when you keep repeating a mantra, your brain starts believing it. Hence, it is a perfect way to retrain your thinking.

 3. Focus on the positive

Last but not the least, always focus on the positive. Once you develop a habit of looking at the silver lining in every dark cloud, your thought process will become positive. Put in a little effort to turn setbacks into opportunities. 

 4. Focus on Self-Talk

Follow the ABC model of positive self-talk, which is imperative to change your thinking from negative to positive. Surely, if we keep thinking negative, something bad tends to happen. This is the way nature works. So, by believing we can excel, we surely will.

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