How to simplify life today… WITHOUT having all the answers.

Hey, YOU!!
Let me start by saying that it has been a long, LOOOOONGGGGGG journey.
After years of reading every book that resonated with my spirit and after attending every possible workshop that I could…
And creating a business based on everything I had watched work so well for tons of other coaches and “experts”…
I got to a point where I could either jam more information and knowledge into my head or I could actually start applying the gazilion things that I had learned.
As you can imagine, once the revelation came that I had control over my life, I was super anxious to discover who I was born to be.
I felt like I had given myself the best chance possible to be that person…
By cutting out all of the “fluff” that had set me back for so many years.
And keeping the best parts of life that gave me capacity, in close proximity.
Let me keep it all the way real…
Not only had I invested time and money
But I had invested energy to create my absolute dream life….
Can I be honest?
My “dream life” looked nothing like what I thought life would pan out to be when I graduated from college.
I went to school for accounting, for pete’s sake.
At that age, how do you even know what you want to do, right?
So fast forward nearly 10 years later and plenty of jobs later, I realized that I had to take a deeper dive and that figuring out what God intended for my life was probably a good thing.
In the back of my mind, I also knew that if my life didn’t start to manifest in the way that I thought it should then…
I was looking down the barrel of living and dying with no legacy, like millions of people in the grave.
The reality was that if I didn’t figure ish out that I would probably be subjected to eating a big ol’ bowl of humble soup and have to drive 120 miles an hour back to corporate America…
I decided I needed to Because I knew God would remember me and I had what I believed was the vision to carry me into my purpose…
…and achieve an outcome I could be proud of.
I had spent time writing my life’s vision, which I knew would bless others and give me the motivation to walk into the corridors of greatness that would put me on the map as a sought after coach, motivational speaker, and influencer 🙂
The Test…
I remember praying and asking God to reveal my identity through a man of God who happened to be at a program I was attending.
Although I was excited to hear the voice of the Lord, I was unsure about what the man of God would declare…
If what he had to say was different than what God had revealed to me, then my future as a leading female entrepreneur would change forever.
My nerves were on edge as I waited for my turn to meet with the vessel that God had brought my way…
I had to wait in the hall as the saints went in and out receiving prophetic directions about their own lives.
Finally, it was my turn…
I walked into the room and quickly sat down with my hands folded in my lap ready to receive my prophetic word.
The smile of the Prophet gave me a sound mind.
It was encouraging to hear that the many businesses that I had started in years past, but abandoned were rightfully put on hold.
They were never supposed to be part of my journey… nor part of my plan.
That day I learned that my destiny was directly linked to helping women from all over the world become million dollar woman.
It was revealed that I was chosen to help women from all walks of life realize their God given talents and become the women that they were born to be.
I was excited.
I was on course.
I loved the excitement of hearing that the steps I was taking to motivate and empower others and the opportunity I had…
To potentially impact thousands of women with my message…
Was in alignment with the Heavens.
When I walked out of that room, I knew something BIG…
It was showtime 🙂
I quickly began to identify with women from all over the world which felt soooo incredibly good.
As it turns out the vision I had mapped out for myself was accurate…
I just needed everything that God had put in me to spring forth so I could set women on fire and convert my audience into new clients.
I knew that getting women to ACTUALLY believe in themselves and map out their own vision was something that a lot of coaches and speakers really struggled with…
So, knowing I was in alignment, was definitely a big deal and a confidence booster.
But then…
As I started training women on all sorts of topics, something happened…
The feedback I was receiving was not consistent.
Either there was no response to my programs or I received only a few inquiries that didn’t go anywhere.
My audience stopped engaging which started to freak me out a little.
What was I missing?
You mean to tell me that after all the time invested in now having the ability to help people figure out how to build a booming business and all sorts of random topics… that there was a disconnect?
I had to step back.
I had to be silent.
I had to simplify things.
After days of silence…
Days where I prayed for hours and meditated even longer…
I realized the secret of successful people.
I’m talking about the people who have become influential…
The household name ones we know because of their greatness…their talents and their presence…
The secret is simply this… they are very, very simple people.
They have gotten to the point where they only live for ONE thing.
And it hit me like a ton of bricks…
Once I heard the voice of the Lord for myself, I realized one thing.
I was gifted in a lot of different areas, but I needed to focus.
Almost immediately, I identified what I was incredibly good at and something in my life shifted….
My social media audience began to hang on to my every word and engaged at every opportunity.
My programs were building momentum, while all I was doing was staying focused on the one thing that I was born to do…
…to pour into those who were destined to connect with me…
My value to the world was in Activating Wealth through business and personal development
I kept reminding myself….
You are the million dollar money coach. Be that, embrace that!
…and things started flowing.
I could walk into any bookstore and naturally gravitate towards books about wealth, because I had become a money magnet.
I began to teach on wealth and manifesting millions and how everyone could have that very thing.
I taught…but didn’t over teach.
I made learning how to have a millionaire mindset simple.
I was real when it came to talking about my low points and how I went from broke to a boss.
This was one of the big mistakes I had seen others sometimes make…
Many of them avoided talking about their struggles.
It actually made them more unapproachable.
So there I was…
Never being born into wealth…
Never having a savings account before the age of 30…
Never having the wealth files embedded into my brain to sustain millions…
The focus kept me on track so I didn’t get lost and lose the critical emotional momentum I had built.
Knowing my vision helped me to say NO to things that weren’t in alignment with my destination.
Knowing my vision helped me to choose my future.
When it came time to this, I began to notice that those without vision lived a very loose life, while those with vision lived a very tight life and were achieving the best results.
Sure, they understood the concept of vision, but they weren’t allowing vision to choose the direction their lives went in.
I had now realized that all these years, many people had heard the word vision, but didn’t truly understand what vision could do for their lives…
It was still important to motivate people to think about this concept of vision, but if the motivation to achieve more in life, wasn’t clear then most would go back to their everyday lives.
So my goal was to create a teaching framework that would provide value
…but still keep my audience engaged enough to know that fulfilling their assignment in life was more than possible.
The vision framework I had developed was:
– Allowing yourself to Dream Big
– Identifying Distractions
– Understanding Your Big Why
– Reconditioning Your Mind
– Becoming A Person Of Value
– Capturing Your Vision
– Walking In Your Destiny
– Monetizing Your Passion
– Manifesting Your Millions
The Million Dollar Question 🙂
Has my framework and training changed lives?
Has it got my clients to know, like, and trust me in a short period?
Do those I encounter retain what I teach them and make it their choice to live a simple lifestyle even when life decides to slap them in the face…
The truth is simply this.
People want to see change.
People want to live a life they have only dreamed of living.
People want to be grow and be happy.
When they see that I can give them the ability to become the person that they’ve always wanted to become…
Like clockwork.
Something supernatural happens and God himself moves in their lives.
It is my reality that I have become a vessel used to help dreams become reality.
Yep, I still make plenty of mistakes, but it’s a beautiful thing to pull all this together.
To date, I haven’t read every book…
And even though, I started out doing more than what I had been graced to do.
In just a short span of time, because I’ve remained focused…
And by taking massive imperfect action combined with my vision framework…
I had proved something big to myself and now to you.
I didn’t always understand the power of vision…
I wasn’t overly confident…
But I followed the voice of the Lord.
And it has now produced incredible results.
I have now gone onto teach this same vision framework to hundreds of other female entrepreneurs…
Who have and are still currently using it to achieve some amazing results for themselves.
All I can say is that if you’re someone that’s done things your way and haven’t produced the fruit that you know you are entitled to…
That maybe you think that your life is too complicated to simplify it… I along with hundreds of my students have proved that this is just not true.
You have EVERYTHING you need to achieve major goals and be successful as long as you are focused
…but you have to know how to do that by following a proven framework.
I have now proven my new framework…
what was I doing differently than other motivational speakers and coaches to transform lives at a much faster rate than all the other gurus?
If you want to learn about exactly how to manifest your destiny…watch out for my next blog…
I am just putting the finishing touches on it and it’s called:
The Manifestation Formula:
“How To Manifest Your Destiny When You Keep Failing At Life”
Love Always,

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