How to Start Over in Life

The Art Of Second Changes – How To Start Over In Life

-It is never too late to build the life you want-

How to start over in life – this is a topic that I never pictured myself talking about when I first got married nearly three decades ago. After all, no one gets married with the intentions of it falling apart, right? But with my life unfolding in front of me and my happiness not harmoniously following with it, I knew deep down that I was living my life in the shadows of everyone else around me. Now, don’t get me wrong, changing and learning how to start over in life three decades ago was nothing shy of terrifying. But do you want to know what was even scarier?

…Not starting over at all.

You see, spending 30ish years living “unhappy” is one thing, but spending the remainder of my time here on earth stuck in the same spot was something I just could not get behind. So, with a little bit of faith and sweat, I gave myself permission to have a second chance – to start over in life with the purest intention to live a life of self- care, authenticity, and of course, discover true happiness. And the best is that you (yes you) can achieve the same amazing outcome too with a little bit of motivation, and willingness to say yes to a fresh start forward.

Accept The Past and Give Yourself Permission To Let It Go

The past is done, and there is no going back. However, the goal is not to try and change what already happened but merely make peace with it. Whether it be a failed relationship, career change or something else in-between, accept what happened, understand it, and learn from it so you can mold your new future into exactly what you want.

Remember, suffering and in pain are not the same thing.You may feel pained when your life isn’t going the direction you want, but suffering because of that is a choice. That said, you are allowed to let go of anything that is not serving you. Find healthy outlets to express your emotions, don’t repress, and use your past as a stepping stone to reflect where you are now as a person and who you want to become.

Practice The Art Of Real Self-Care

Life is filled with twist and turns, the ultimate rollercoaster that can leave you feeling like you’re running on empty. But by practicing the art of self-care, it can support you with overcoming life’s most significant changes so you can get back up on your feet. But the real question is, what does self-care actually like?

Generally, people typically imagine self-care as getting their hair done, taking a bath or splurging cash. Sure, these actions can make anyone feel better initially, but self-care stems deeper than that. Real self-care looks like a long walk in nature where you can self-reflect. It is drinking enough water, eating healthy, and getting enough sleep each night. Even more, it is loving you for who you are, cultivating strong self-awareness, and learning that you have the right to be happy during this fleeting time on earth. Practice that, and you are well on your way to building a future that was meant to be yours in the first place.

Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone 

I know how downright scary and uncertain it can be to step out of your comfort zone, but that is where the rawest and truest growth lies. For instance, if you are looking to switch up your future, don’t hesitate to start networking with others and building relationships with new people. You can even think about changing your entire environment by moving elsewhere in a community that can lead you down a path towards purpose and meaning.

In summary, to avoid making the same mistakes twice and create a future that is aligned with your dreams, regularly push yourself outside of your typical routine and strive to gain yourself a new set of diverse experiences. This is where new passions are formed and where you will be able to unleash what you are capable of.

Have Vision and Have Focus

No matter what you are chasing after, stay passionate, focused, and never let that dream go. It might not always be easy to keep a vision ignited, and it will more than likely require you to persevere even when things get hard or uncertain. Burt leaning how to start over in life is all about staying strong and following through with your actions. Stay committed to your second chance even when obstacles arise, and even if you fail the first twenty times on your new path, just keep going. You are in charge here.

Do you remember how Thomas Edison failed a total of 1,000 times before he finally succeeded in creating the light bulb? Imagine how our world would look today if he quit. Use the same logic in your own life because there is a good chance you are closer to that fulfilled, success-rich future than you think.

Stay Positive

No matter what is is you are rebuilding from, always remain as positive as possible. The more  optimistic and positive you are, the more likely you will stay motivated and empowered to try your best in every obstacle you face. Yes, second chances can have their own set of challenges you will need to be armed for. Positivity is also that foundation that will help you conquer through failures, seeing those events as guidelines for future growth rather then dead ends.

Now, if you ever find negative thoughts start creeping around in your head during your starting over journey (which will inevitably happen on occasion), quickly replace with positive affirmations instead. The golden key here is to be mindful of your mindset, control intrusive thoughts, and continuously tell yourself that you are more deserving to be happy no matter what.

No Matter How Hard The Past Was, You Can Always Begin Again 

In the end, starting over is a never a sign of failure, nor is it a sign of weakness. In fact, it’s quite quite the opposite – it is the mark of intense courage and the willingness to let yourself (and your life)have another chance at happiness. Furthermore, that level of self-love is a powerful reminder that each day is a new chapter of it’s own and you are in full control of which direction you would like it to go – regardless of what debilitating events happen in the past.

As a final note, never forget that you are not your past, and it should NEVER define your future. No, you cannot go back in time to change what has already occurred, but you are more than capable of shaping how you want your life to play out from this point on. With that said, learn how to start over in life by diving deep into the core and understanding just how much change power you have. Take control of your own life through the art self-love and not letting the past anchor you. And above all, follow your heart to unlock the door to the life you have always wanted. Because whether it be a second chance or your fifth chance, I can promise you that there is absolutely nothing more beautiful than the moment you finally begin living for yourself.

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