How to stay motivated

In the world of social media, information overload, short attention spans, and analysis paralysis, it can be hard to stay focused. Even during the day at my 9 to 5 job, I find myself listening to music throughout the entire day. It feels like I turn my mind on autopilot to make it through the eight hours. With demands from work, responsibilities in the back of my mind for my duties at home, and doing my best to avoid Murphy’s law (If anything can go wrong, it will), staying motivated can seem like a daunting chore. Hey, Life can be exhausting. 

In these moments, you have to outline best practices to keep yourself on track. Remember, staying productive is the path to reaching your dreams.


Limit your distractions

Have you ever found yourself scrolling on Facebook, getting bored, then you open Instagram. You scroll on there for some time.  Boredom sets back in. So then, you head over to youtube to watch a video only to text message your BFF during the entire thing. How much time have you wasted by doing this? How many times throughout the day have you done this? Is it too many to count? 

I am guilty of this as well. It is just very tempting to procrastinate the day away. You have to limit your distractions to conquer your goals. Start small. Pick one day of the week where you do not open any social media applications. On that same day of the week, do not watch any television shows. Use this dedicated day to knock off one item on your to-do list or spend that time researching steps to make goals a reality. When in need, google is a friend indeed.


Find something you enjoy doing.

Did you love doing something as a child that you haven’t tapped into lately? Do you have a hobby? Take out a sheet of paper or a journal and start writing down ideas. Anything that comes to mind, jot it down. One of the benefits of journaling is that it helps you brainstorm and find inspiration. 

Once you have finished jotting down ideas, check out: In the search bar, type in one idea that you jotted down to see if there is a local event you can attend. (i.e. painting, dancing, etc.)

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