How was your Mother’s Day?

I hope this post brings you to the beginning of your journey of healing.

Two days have now passed and we all have got the chance to settle down and hopefully enjoy one of the most cherished holiday people celebrate, known as Mother’s Day! This Mother’s Day was surely one to remember, as this global pandemic allowed & perhaps forced families to creatively say, Happy Mother’s Day! Wives, mothers, grandmothers, aunts, cousins, god mothers, and like mothers may have not been able to share a space with all whom they loved this year, but prayerfully, was still a Mother’s Day to remember. 


Perhaps this was a year for those of whose mother or mother figure has passed away, or for those that don’t have a relationship with their mother, to not feel as ‘quarantined’ as they may have when Mother’s Day comes around. These individuals may very well be used to being isolated on this day, due to not having a mother or a relationship with their mother. Possibly this year these individuals, as the rest of the world was secluded to their own homes as well, got a deeper enlightening moment to reflect on how the woman that holds the place in their hearts & minds as mother, whether good or bad, raised them, taught them, loved them or unfortunately, lack thereof. Reflection of this can have an influence in shaping how this man or woman became the adult they are today. Prayerfully, the adult this man or woman has grown to be, is an an emotionally and spiritually whole mature adult, that has found purpose and healing in their lives or is at least in the process of healing from their past pain of not having a mother’s presence can inflict within them.


If you find yourself to be individual that has not grown or feels stuck to getting to a place of healing due to an absent or broken relationship with your mother, I would love to support with coaching you in getting your relationship with your mother to a better place, or coaching you to get to a better space within yourself. Book me for a session so that we can get started on your journey to a peaceful and pleasant space within yourself. Hope to meet you soon!   

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