How will you know you are healed?

10 ways to know that you are healed from childhood trauma?


·        You accept yourself just the way you are – flaws and all 

·        You are realistic about your expectations of others.  You don’t enter into relationships hoping for someone else to save you.

·        You have creativity, spontaneity, simplicity and naturalness

·        You have a sense of wonder and awe about life.

·        You have more control of your emotions – You no longer have triggers. 

·        You have a need for privacy. 

·        You think independent of culture and the environment

·        You have a feeling of limitless horizons – You can dream big

·        You feel simultaneously more powerful and also more helpless – You come to the realization that you are not in control of everything – God is in control. 

·         You are finally convicted that what happened to you was valuable in strengthening you.  Your experience gave you more courage to be strong for yourself and others. 


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