How Will You Take Control?

"How Will You Take Control?" is today's blog post giving you three options to consider to take control of your life if indeed the Supreme Court rules in favor to make Roe v. Wade unconstitutional. ~Yes, elections have consequences that we must live with but so do the choices we choose to make or choose not to make. ~Coach Sam

If you tuned into the Supreme Court Justice confirmation hearings this year, you know that President Biden chose Ketanji Brown Jackson. You also know that’s not something new or different because a sitting president always chooses the Supreme Court Justices. And of course, you know here in the United States that the people elect a president every four years, so that means the citizens who chose to vote for president indirectly choose and impact the choice of the Supreme Court Justices that have sat, currently sit and will currently sit on the bench.


That’s why even if your stance is that elections and voting doesn’t matter the fact of the matter is that they both do and that even if you don’t vote the people who do vote are choosing to make a choice for you that you may not agree with and you may not like which has the possibility to alter your life. Because these nine justices get cases and make decisions for the country and there’s no way to escape those decisions when you live in the country especially when you don’t have the means to travel abroad or go live elsewhere to do as you please. 


If you have not heard many people know that the Supreme Court is currently set to rule against Roe v Wade. In other words, these nine supreme court justices have looked at the Roe v Wade case and the majority are now going to say that Roe v Wade is unconstitutional. Now if you’re a man reading this of course you may not care but of course my audience is mostly women. And as ladies we like, prefer and are entitled to have the right to choose what happens to and with our bodies.


If the leak is accurate the decision that the supreme court justices have decided that right to choose will be stripped away in the near future. And that means as ladies, as women, we will need to think about how we’re going to make choices about our bodies and our lives going forward in a different way. I know some people may disagree with abortions and some people feel that in certain instances it is necessary or even the best choice. I’m not here to debate, condemn, or criticize anyone’s perspective. However, I do want to raise these three options that as ladies we have available to take control over our life and our bodies.


The Kings Way 

Now if you’re not down with King or simply prefer to live your life outside of the King’s will then this option won’t appeal to you, however this is the best option available. Because this option allows you the best probability to not be in the position to need an abortion. And the reason I said the best probability is because I’m realistic and in some cases women, teens, and even kids are not choosing to go lay down with some man that they don’t know or that they may be dating. 


Unfortunately, there are some men and some guys who take advantage and violate, abuse, and or commit rape so these women and children end up pregnant due to no fault of their own. So please understand I’m not addressing those situations here. Now in the case of women or sometimes teenagers choosing to be intimate with whoever they choose they end up pregnant this option is something for you to consider. As you have the free will to choose and with that free will to choose you have the free will to keep your legs closed.


You see many men are down to have fun in that bedroom but the same men that are so willing and ready to have fun in that bed are not willing to step up to take on the responsibility and the accountability to help you raise a child or children. Yet time and time again we see in our society young women, young teenagers, and even in some cases older women getting pregnant for guys and sometimes men younger than them who are not father material.


No shade to anyone but it’s cold facts and sometimes we need to hear those cold facts presented just like that. Yeah, he may have been fine and yeah, he may have had a nice ride and he may have even had some money that he was flashing, but none of that means that he was willing or wanted to take care of a child, to co-parent with you. I’m telling you if this man is not your husband the King’s way says that he should not have access to your body in that way. So don’t aim to get a ring. Just understand that you need to keep him from getting in between because he can give you a ring and still not follow through on making you his Queen.


The Man-Made Way

Now for those of you who say well I’m gonna do what I’m gonna do cuz I’m a woman and I have needs. I can’t just keep my legs closed I just got to have it. Well please understand that just having to have it mindset eventually more likely than not is going to put you in a situation where you have a plus one that you’re carrying. And this not to say that all women are going to feel the need to have an abortion because all women don’t feel that need but for some of you that will be or maybe even has been the case. 


Now what man has come in and done is give an alternative to abortion. As many of you know there are now laws on the books in each state here in the United States that allow you to leave your child if you do not want them at a hospital and even a fire station, if they are unharmed no one will do anything to you. In other words, you won’t face prosecution if you choose to leave your baby in these designated safe places with the proper people.


And I said with the proper people because depending on your state different states have different rules and regulations related to the law. So, in some cases you will have to speak to someone or physically put your child in a designated safe person hand. But again, while your state may call The Safe Haven Law something else, it is available in every state and it’s not just for moms, fathers can use this as well. Personally, I think more parents who do not want their child(ren) should use it because it makes no sense to raise a child and mistreat the child along the way. 


Furthermore, I believe if more people were to use this law, then the states would see that all this back and forth and debate on abortion is an issue they should have left alone. Because states in most instances are looking for ways to cut funding to many programs and departments and if more women and in some instances young men took advantage of The Safe Haven Law, states will see how costly it is to prevent people who have the financial ability to have an abortion from doing so.


The Costly Way

Because the only people who this ruling will negatively affect is those who do not have the financial means or resources to travel. And this leads me to the costly way because here’s the thing we know from history – making abortion illegal did not stop women from getting abortions. It did not stop women from seeking other alternatives to avoid having a baby or children that they did not want for whatever the case may have been.


In fact, so many women were dying trying to get and have abortions that is why Roe v Wade became lawful. Roe v Wade was a response to stop and prevent women from dying unnecessarily from trying to have an abortion in an unsafe way and in many instances in unsafe places by people who were not qualified or certified to perform them. 


Yet here we are all these years later dealing with the same debate. It highlights we don’t realize that in spite what the justices actually decide people are going to do what people are going to do. That’s why when we don’t learn from the past, we repeat past mistakes and, in some cases, history repeats itself in a worse way because we did not learn the lessons.


I know as a woman your desire is to do what you feel is best for you and in your best interests. So, if that means traveling further or even going out of state or the country to get what you want or need and it’s feasible, then so be it. Is it costly? Absolutely. But in the end what’s truly important to you is being able to decide if and or when you want to have a child.


~Yes, elections have consequences that we must live with but so do the choices we choose to make or choose not to make.~ Coach Sam



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