Hurt people vs healed people, never confuse the two.

Most “hurt” wombs starts from childhood. This usually comes from a trauma that was never acknowledged and resolved. He or she grows up, but does not “GROW UP” mentally, taking the unhealed baggage along for the ride. This results in starting relationship after relationships, which ends in hurting any person they come in contact with. Basically the other person is paying for their lack of healing. It is impossible for ge or she to love correctly. (1 Corinthians 13:4-7)

When a person is healed you can tell it in their actions, NOT their appearance. Appearance can be tricky. Why? People wear mask every day  portraying the person they should be, but in reality is NOT.

A healed person has been through their “hurt” situations also, but has put in the work to heal EVERY part of themselves. They have dedicated their lives to God, followed his guidance, prayed for strength to heal WHOLEHEARTEDLY, (Isaiah 53:5) and took their time to complete the steps with consistency. The biggest part of the healing process is digging deep down inside of yourself dealing with the childhood trauma of your past.

Childhood trauma is something that a person carrys around and ignore for decades. He or she does not realize to regain your peace of mind starts with dealing with everything from the beginning to the end. The healed person did not half step, but completed all the steps and has peaceful rest from it. 


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