Hypertension is a combination of nutrition, stress, toxicity and sleep going in the wrong direction.

Success with health depends on getting the correct information and spending time with a provider who will work with a person as a partner or coach. There are some things that the doctor may not tell someone regarding how to get the blood pressure down because 1. they don't have time (most likely) to tell it 2. they can not tell it 3. they may not know to tell it.

Many people want to know what can be done to get the blood pressure to come down.  Blood pressure is more related to stress and nutrition, than to genetics.  Genetics seems to be the excuse that many of us use to just give up control and to resign to taking medication.  Genetics can load the gun but what we eat and how we handle stress can pull the trigger.  

There are many parts of our  biological systems that play a role in determining blood pressure.  The Autonomic or automatic side of the nervous system and our hormones have been shown in research to play a role that few doctors take into account.  If the blood pressure is elevated when a person goes to see their primary care physician, in our current health care model that person has too little time to provide the coaching and may lack the knowledge of lifestyle, including nutrition, sleep, movement and stress.  That clinician will typically only have time to write a prescription for a medication and perhaps suggest lowering dietary sodium.  

If that person is more knowledgeable they may recommend the DASH diet.  DASH diet focusses on replacing minerals from plant sources.  Generally, high blood pressure is a sign that there is an imbalance.  That imbalance may be in the nervous system, hormones, nutrients, energy, minerals, antioxidants like Vitamins C, E and A, toxins, neurotransmitters like epinephrine and serotonin, sleep and stress.  That doctor can give that person 6 weeks to get the pressure down but may not be able to provide the tools that will actually help with achieving that goal.  

A plan that is going to work  requires addressing several things 1. nutrition, 2. detoxification, 3. sleep, stress and the nervous system, 4. movement or exercise, and 5.balancing the hormones.  My program includes all of these areas and provides the support and coaching that may help with success.

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