I Always Win

What you focus on makes a difference and this is only one example.
Today as my third day recovering from sickness I feel strong and motivated. Anxiously anticipating great things ahead. with only a few days left in 2021, I created a list of things to get done to ring in the new year.
As I knock out this list, I reflected on the past few days and the blessings in my life. I felt grace and an empowering love. As someone who is more of an introvert, I don’t tend to keep many friends. Additionally I tend to take care of things myself no matter how simple or difficult.
Recently getting sick ( a rare occasion) on Christmas day, presented a unique challenge. My diminished strength and energy caused me to forego many of my daily tasks. In the name of recovery that is pretty typical. However, given the holiday, the floodgates opened and in came the good with the bad. Just like most holiday’s you hear from people you don’t normally hear from. While I’d like to believe that all is with good intention, the reality of the world we live in has shown that is not true.
One person in particular reached out disguised as an angel of light, with every bit of malicious intent, seeking to attack for unknown reasons. Offering help with no intention of actually helping. Similar to that person, many others reached out. Interestingly, I was showered with love and assistance that kept me too occupied to recognize what that one person was doing in the moment.
As I sit back and reflect on that person’s intentions, I realized by God’s grace, I can never lose, with my heart pure before him. He showed me that keeping my heart in the right place, by default I will not stoop below his standards. Therefore, The person who came to reek havoc only did so on themselves because my life was not affected. In turn, I can count each person that went out of their way to help a real blessing. The blessings always out number what is not.
People earn their keep in the world, you only need to focus on doing what’s good.

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