I AM Loving Me by Forgiving Me!

Self-Forgiveness is self-love.

When we can’t forgive ourselves, we can’t extend it to others and we also hinder our own emotional healing. So come on let’s love on ourselves by forgiving ourselves!

🦋 I give myself permission to heal.

🦋 I am worthy of forgiveness.

🦋 I forgive myself for the hurt I’ve caused.

🦋 I forgive myself for not knowing what I know now.

🦋 I forgive my mistakes.

🦋 I forgive myself for self-sabotaging.

🦋 I forgive myself for not leaving sooner.

🦋 I forgive myself for betraying my values.

🦋 I forgive myself for ignoring my intuition.

🦋 I forgive myself for being my own worst enemy.

🦋 I forgive myself for believing I wasn’t enough.

🦋 I am grateful for increased insight and opportunity to make better choices from now on.

🦋 I let go of all resentment, guilt, and shame towards myself.

🦋 I will treat myself with compassion.

🦋 Today, I start fresh!

🦋 Today, I give myself the love I need by forgiving me.🌈❤

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