“I Don’t Have the Time”

Spare time and free time are not synonymous.


Spare time and free time are not synonymous.

The best time management advice/hack I’ve ever been given is that you can free up a lot of time in your life by saying “No” to superfluous commitments, activities, and people. Just because someone invites you to an event or needs your help with a task doesn’t mean that you have to say “Yes.” Often, the people who complain the most about not having any spare time are those clogging up all of their free time doing things that they don’t actually want to do, simply for the sake of people-pleasing. If this is you, I want to say gently and with love: You’re not doing anyone any favours by signing up for something, getting in over your head, and then harbouring secret resentments towards the people around you. Instead of telling yourself over and over that “I just don’t have the time,” try instead just using your spare time when and how you actually want to. Respect your need for alone time. Honour your need for rest.

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