I dont look like what I’ve been through & you don’t have to either

**Nobody believes me when I tell them I am 36yrs old and have 5 children**

God makes my life look good-I definitely do not look like what i have been through💪

*Teen mom at the age of 16

*Married at the age of 19

*Divorced at the Age of 23 & Single mom of 5

*Homeowner at the age of 23

*Worked multiple jobs at once while going to school

*Earned 2 College degrees & working on my Masters 

*Tons of God kids Ive help look after over the years…& still kidnap from time to time

*Kept all of my kids in sports & Church

*Mentored/Counseled & help Other people while I struggled myself!!!!

**Through it all God has kept me & keep on keeping me**

***The devil can’t ever break me because he didnt create me-God did & he is my provider and protector💪***🙌🙌

#WeAllHaveATestimony 🙌❤

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