I forgive you, Immediately

Well, it’s okay. God knows it will be okay. I have a faith that keeps me grounded and reminds me of my beliefs. Reminds me of my standards I put in place, in order to have a care free, stress free life. Just as long as I speak life into my day early in the mornings and ask for what I think is best for me and my family. If a man that you have been dating just seems to keep coming back, well he’s not coming back on his own. He’s coming back because of what we allow to flow in our lives. If we test the spirit and ask for let’s say a week of positive energy to come into our lives from what we eat to what we look at. Guess what, positivity will flow the whole week. But, if we ask negative energy, which who does that, to come into our lives then we will get just what we ask for, that negative energy. It’s called speak life and it’s not hard to do. So when he calls or let’s back up before he calls we already have our speech planned out the positive turnout and the negative turnout then when the conversation begins and he tries to smooth his way back as if it where your idea then you remember the rehearsed conversation you had with yourself. BAM, he should not come  back because of your standards and priorities that you have set in place for yourself. Also remember so that you don’t feel bad you immediately forgive yourself for all the past times you allowed him to come back. Then you forgive him also, because sometimes he just didn’t have direction in order to do the right thing like not call you anymore. You can do it.

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